December 2020 Update:

September 1, 2020 Update: 

Customers who have not migrated by today, will no longer be able to use the Bring Your Own Device plan immediately and will need to join the wait list if the product is marked as ‘out of stock’. If you need service faster, we recommend purchasing a device from our store to use any of our plans. The Pink BYOD plan is still available, though all lines are currently in use, and you are welcome to join the wait list to be notified when a new line becomes available. The Pink Plan Carrier Network is no longer allowing new BYOD lines. Please use this link to get started: and for the latest rates and fees. 


July 1, 2020 UPDATE:

The new monthly rate for migrating customers is $55 for SD Streaming, and $78 for HD Streaming; both plans are unthrottled, unlimited data usage. The activation fee for the plan is $30.

Please use this link to get started:


March 20, 2020

Dear Member: 

We hope all of you are faring well through this time of national crisis. 

We are writing today to inform you of some unexpected changes for our AT&T users ONLY. 

Current T-Mobile users are NOT affected. 

Times are changing rapidly, and we want to provide you with as much notice as possible to avoid any lengthy service interruptions. Beginning today, March 20, 2020, you may have your service disconnected by AT&T through no fault of your own due to a number of network changes beyond our control.

It’s important to note, a vast majority will be able to continue using the service without any issues, however, we encourage all to take steps now to avoid lengthy interruptions in the future, and be as prepared as possible to switch to the T-Mobile network as quickly, and efficiently as possible, if you so choose. 

The subscription rate for the T-Mobile plan is $68 per 30 day cycle. This rate is valid for all existing AT&T users until July 1, 2020.

What you can do now:

  • You may continue to utilize your already existing AT&T service for as long as it remains active. While the length of time is unknown, we have seen very few disconnected members thus far. See below for account cancellation options as well.

Device Unlocking

  • You can ensure your current hotspot device is unlocked, and ready to use on the T-Mobile Network. If your device is AT&T branded, you can get a free unlock code here: – be sure to select “NO” when asked if you’re an AT&T customer, then follow the steps for a code.
  • Instructions on how to unlock your device once you receive a code are available here for MOST devices:
  • If your current device cannot be unlocked, You may need to purchase a new device. If you do not wish to purchase a new device, you can continue to use your AT&T service for as long as possible, or see your account cancellation options below.
  • Devices sold by Travel Data are already unlocked, though may need to be re-unlocked if they have been factory reset multiple times. See the instruction above to obtain a new unlock code if needed.

Sim Cards

  • T-Mobile Sim cards are available below, or you can obtain one via Amazon, that’s triple cut to fit any device here: . Our sim cards are $9.50 – you must be logged into your account to see and receive that price.

Activation on T-Mobile (9/1/2020 – No longer available immediately – wait list enabled)

  • Set up your T-Mobile subscription with waived activation, and the monthly rate of $68/month here:
  • Activate your new subscription and provide us with your SIM card and device information upon completion of the checkout process. (Through April 1, 2020, only migrating customers will be activated – You may notice an alert on our website stating no activations will be taking place – that is for new customers only)
  • Upon successful activation of your T-Mobile service, your AT&T service will be cancelled, and a pro-rated refund will be sent.

What Travel Data is doing for you:

  • If your service is disconnected by AT&T, we’re providing prorated refunds immediately upon notification. Please let us know as soon as possible via the Support Center link at the top of our homepage.
  • We’re absorbing the $36.00 activation charge per line for existing AT&T members who wish to migrate to T-Mobile. This means there is no activation fee for any of our existing AT&T members.

We encourage you to first take the time to ensure your device is unlocked, then order a sim card. When your sim card arrives, then you can activate your service, and swap out your sim cards. We just want to provide you with as much advance notice as possible that the disconnection of your service could happen, so if you have your equipment and sim card ready, the changeover should be quick, minimizing any downtime. 

We certainly understand if you wish to cancel service altogether, and that can be done online through your the My Account > My Subscription menu once you login. Please keep in mind: cancelled accounts are forfeited immediately upon cancellation, and are not provided a prorated refund, whereas, accounts who are disconnected or migrated DO receive a prorated refund.

If you have questions about this process, you are asked to use the Support Center to create a help request, or chat with an agent. Do not reply to this message as it was sent from an un-attended inbox.

Thank You for choosing Travel Data, and we look forward to continuing to serve you!