Reliable 4GLTE & 5G Wireless Service anywhere you go

Starting at $99/mo.

Plan Features

Nationwide 4G LTE & 5G Coverage

Your Router Selects the Best Carrier Automatically

Unlimited Data Plan

Must Use Your Own Peplink Device

How Does It Work?

You've invested in a powerful device for your travels, business, or home, now let your device do its job! Using your own Pep device compatible with Remote SIM, the router will search your current area for the best network based on signal quality, and connect to our server first via a physical sim card. Once connected, your router will be provisioned on the best network in your area automatically using remote sim technology!

You get instant access to all three us cellular networks for the price of one!

Check your device compatibility here

For the service to work properly, Travel Data will add your router to Peplink InControl - you retain all permissions on your router, while the InControl server will work to maintain your Cellular connectivity behind the scenes.

If you are already an active Travel Data customer, the setup fee is $50 since you'll already have an active sim card, we won't need to ship one to you. Please email us to get started on this plan - [email protected] 

Why Do I Need a Physical Sim Card?

Your router will need a physical sim card for two reasons.

  1. Your router will need an internet connection at all times in order to communicate with the Remote Sim & InControl services
  2. If any of the remote services are down, you will default to your physical sim, so you're never without an internet connection.
I'm Already An Active Travel Data Customer. How Do I Switch My Plan?

It's easy to switch without creating a new subscription - Just send us a message, and we'll get you set up on this new plan! The setup fee is reduced to $50, since you'll already have a sim card. The setup fee will be shown and paid on your next upcoming invoice. 

Our email is: [email protected]

How Long Does Configuration Take?

Once your router is connected to the internet via a physical sim, the configuration is done within a few moments. 

Your router will connect to the Peplink InControl server and download its instructions, and obtain a virtual/remote sim from our server. 

The assigned virtual/remote sim card will be chosen by the router based on the local signal conditions.

All of this takes just a few moments, and no configuration is required by you ~ The computers do all the work!

If you'd like a specific network, please contact our support and we can make that happen! 

Is The Cost On Top Of My Monthly Rate?

No! Your monthly rate will remain just $99 for access to unlimited, and unthrottled data on all three US networks. At this time, roaming to non-US countries is not permitted with this plan. 

If you currently have a compatible peplink or pepwave router, and a data plan with Travel Data, we encourage your to switch to take advantage of a much better value, and reliability! You receive three data connections for the price of one!

Why Does Travel Data Need My Router On InControl?

Peplink InControl and InControl2 are the remote sim card management servers. Your router needs to be managed by that service in order to receive the remote sim card data and configuration profiles. Rest assured, at no time is any of your personal information shared with Travel Data and you will always retain full control of your router locally. 

Where Can I Get More Answers?
Please contact our Pep Device Team here:


Use Your Own Compatible Peplink/wave Router