VPN/Gaming Router Setup

Device Overview

Your Travel Data Gaming Service Bundle should have arrived fully connected, and ready for you to just plug into power, and begin connecting your devices. Your service has already been activated. 

The white ethernet cable will connect to the Yellow Router’s White WAN port, and the LTE Modem Blue Ethernet port. 

After powering the system for the first time, wait 5 minutes for the Modem and Router to begin linking together. You’ll know when the link is complete when all 3 LED’s on the top of the device have illuminated, or are all flashing which indicate traffic on the networks. 

Warranty Warning:

Modifying any settings on or in the device configuration will result in a warranty void. You are free to modify any settings as you wish, however, please understand we will not honor warranty requests, or replace the device for any reason once settings have been changed.

Connecting to WiFi

On your WiFi device, look for the SSID: TravelData Secure WiFi.

The default password is “goodlife”. You can refer to the router manual for instructions on how to change this if you’d like.

For best gaming results, we strongly recommend connecting your game console via the Ethernet LAN port available on the yellow router. 

Device Settings

Slide Switch  – You will notice this device contains a slide switch on one side. This is your Gaming/Streaming switch. When you’re gaming be sure the switch is to the LEFT. Whenever you want to stream video on Netflix, Hulu, or another provider who blocks VPN service, slide this switch to the RIGHT to bypass the VPN.

Remote Agent Assist – If you need assistance with your Yellow Router, simply chat with a support agent on our website who can remotely access the router settings and assist you with troubleshooting any connection issues. 

Router LED Status – Left LED is power, Center LED is for Modem Link Status, and Right LED is for VPN Connectivity. 

Connecting Customer Owned Equipment

At this time, only the Netgear LB1120, and Netgear MR1100 are supported for this device.

First, ensure your modem is set to to IP Passthrough, and you allow VPN Passthrough, then shut down your modem prior to connecting the VPN Router.

With all devices powered off, connect your LTE Modem’s ethernet output to the WAN port of the VPN Router.

Power on your Modem first, then wait approximately 5 seconds to power on your VPN Router – this is very important! Your modem must have a “head start” in order to obtain IP addresses properly.

Once both devices are powered on, you will see your VPN Router’s LED’s illuminate. See above for what the LED’s indicate.