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Swapping to your new sim card is easy, and will take just a few minutes to complete.

The sim card mailed to you is triple cut, so you’ll need to use your finger to punch out the middle size. The middle size will fit inside of the router and MiFi devices. To do this, with the T-Mobile logo facing you, and the side with the barcodes facing away from you, carefully punch out the next size which will remove the magenta coloring, and leave a gray border around the card – this is the size you’ll need to fit into the router.

Next, be sure your device is powered off completely, and unplugged from the power source; locate the sim card holder on your device:

X750 4G Smart Router – bottom of the device, remove access panel, slide sim card holder out to remove old card, lay new card in holder and re-set the holder. Replace the access panel cover. The sim card will only lay in the tray in one direction, so ensure the sim card is seated properly.

MiFi – remove access cover on front panel of device. push existing sim card into the device, and it will automatically pop back out. Grab existing sim card to remove fully. Insert new sim card, and press in firmly and listen or feel for a click. Hearing or feeling the click will ensure the sim card is properly seated. The sim card will only fit, and lock into the device in one direction, so ensure the sim card is inserted and latched into the device properly. Replace the access panel cover.

Power your device back on, and wait for up to 10 minutes while the device searches for the best cellular signal. You will know when the device has connected to the cellular network when the 3G/4G LED is illuminated/flashing.

In some cases, the Access Point Name needs to be changed after swapping a sim card. These are the steps to take to make the updates. First, please work with a support representative to have your device password changed and provided to you so you may make the necessary adjustments to the device.

Next, with your mobile device, laptop, or other wifi enabled device, please connect to the  TravelDataWifi network. It's ok if you get a warning that there is no internet connection, as that is not required to make the changes.

In an internet browser, navigate to the address: and a login page prompting you for a password will appear. Please enter the password as provided by the support agent.

Once the device configuration page loads, you should see a display as Figure 1 below. This indicates that your device is connected successfully to the cellular network (Note the green dot next to T-Mobile, The 4G signal strength indicator, and the Disconnect button). If you don't have an internet connection, please power cycle all of your devices and reconnect them to the TravelDataWiFi network.

If the device configuration looks different from the above, and you see an Auto-Setup button, as below, then please press the auto-setup button and await the device to connect automatically to the cellular network. Please allow 2-4 minutes for the router to connect to the best cellular signal available. You may see it connect and disconnect a few times. 

 That's it! Your device is now connected to the cellular network. Please reconnect your wifi devices to the TravelDataWiFi network to get back online. 





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*Device Support is only available for customers who have purchased a device from our store. If you have not purchased a device from us directly, we encourage you to reach out to your device manufacturer for troubleshooting assistance. Thank you for your understanding.