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Build a Loyal Audience

It's our goal to build a loyal audience, and nurture our customer base with honest, reliable, and trustworthy product reviews from the channels and resources our customers and future customers already enjoy. 

Data Driven

Travel Data provides thousands of subscribers with reliable LTE data service across the US, Mexico, and Canada, with unlimited 4G/5G service in the US, and unlimited 3G service in Canada and unlimited 2G service in Mexico.

Customer Support

Travel Data provides our customers with multiple paths to support and success! Phone, Email, and Live Chat, as well as a fully developed FAQ board, make getting assistance fast and easy. 

Program Details & Bounty Payments

First and foremost, our customer experience is vital which is why we prefer to schedule our marketing in advance. This ensures we have adequate inventory, and support available to all new customers, as well as our existing user base. As you're likely already aware, when you promote a product, you can create an immediate demand, and we'd like to ensure we're ready ahead of time. 

If your audience is at least 2,500 subscribers, or followers, across any number of social channels, then we'd love for you to apply to our program. If you currently have 2,499 or less, we encourage you to apply, and we may still be able to partner in some way. 

Once accepted to the program, Travel Data will ship you a Router or MiFi device of your choosing, and you can evaluate it, and the monthly service for up to 30 days free of charge, and expense as we have covered shipping both ways.

If you decide that after evaluating, it's not a good fit for you, just return it (pre-paid shipping provided) with our thanks.

If after the first evaluation, you feel comfortable sharing with your audience, then we'd expect one of the following to be shared with your audience within 15 days: Unboxing/Setup video or post, or, a review video/post. 

In addition, you'll earn a $10 bounty per successful referral. A successful referral is considered a new customer who makes a purchase of more than $100, and does not return their order within the first 30 days. View our standard referral program:

Sound fair? Join our program today! 

Small Footprint. Big Impact.

You can apply to become accepted to our program with an audience of at least 2,500 subscribers or followers, over any amount of social channels.  

Marketing Requirements

Joining the program will require that you promote our service to your audience only if you're completely satisfied. The nature of cellular internet will show that our solution isn't viable in every single location, but we feel it's a viable resource for most of the US. 

Show Your Audience

If you have at least 2,500 members in your audience across any number of channels, we invite you to prove to them that our solution is the way to stay connected! 

Our Devices

We'll provide you with evaluation versions of our standard equipment to use for up to 1 Year, depending on the agreement option you select.  

Our Services

If accepted to our Influencer Program, Travel Data will provide you with complimentary monthly service to prove our unthrottled, unlimited internet for up to 1 year, or longer depending on the agreement option. 

Device & Plan Information

Have a look at our Influencer Marketing Data Sheets for more detailed information about our data plans, and devices here

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