Reliable 4G LTE

Wireless Service

Travel Data offers Reliable 4GLTE Wireless Service anywhere you go. Made for you by adventures. 

$62 or $85 /month

+ One Time Device & Setup Charge

Unlimited, Unthrottled LTE data with full HD video streaming enabled on a powerful router with external antennas. Perfect for Rural Areas or Home/Business use. You own the device, which arrives fully configured and ready for immediate use. Price includes activation, setup, sim card, and router.

Plan Options: 

$62 per month for unlimited, unthrottled data and video streaming at DVD Quality. 

$85 per month for unlimited, unthrottled data and video streaming at HD Quality.  

$62 or $85 /30 Days

one time charges for setup and activation.

If you already have one of the devices we sell on our website (GL MiFi, GL x750 Smart Router) or a device from this list, then you can swap your sim card, and start our service!

Trade Your Hotspot

Trade In Your Current Hotspot For Travel Data Account Credit Or Cash!

No Credit Check

Bad Credit? No Worry!

All of our Service plans are Pre-Paid.


No Contracts

TravelData does not believe in locking customers in, its a bad customer experience.


No Data Limits

Our Service (One of the Few) offers unlimited and unthrottled bandwidth.

No Cancellation Fees

Seeing our plans are Pre-Paid you never have to worry about cancellation fees.


No Question Returns

Returns accepted anytime, just pay for the days you've used. See full policy in our Terms. 

Customer Testimonials

4 reviews for Monthly Unlimited Data

  1. Chase Gilliard (verified owner)

    I needed a security system at a house I am working on, and it required internet. I didn’t want to deal with the local ISP as they have been a constant headache. I signed up for this service, and have had zero problems. The best part is when I am ready for the next house, I just move the modem.

    I had also recently moved to a small town, and the local ISP their had the lowest ratings in the country. I had no desire to deal with them, and signed up for another service with TravelData. I average about 8-10mbps both up and down witch means streaming 1080p while gaming with no problems. I generally use about 200-250gb per month. The speed remains constant, and I have had no reliability issues.

  2. Tim Reitan (verified owner)

    So far this service has worked perfect for me. I have cancelled my home internet service and this works just as well or better. I also take it with me for our weekend camping trips and we are now able to get reliable internet service at the state parks we visit. Two thumbs up!!!

  3. Robin Marshall (verified owner)

    This is the BEST by far internet service at my home that I have found in my 35+ years of computer usage. Even though I have only been a customer for 9 days now, I have video streamed 2 HD streams, my wife was doing her facebook thing & I have been doing speed test all at the SAME time with GREAT results. Aveg 8-15mg DL & 8-25 ULs. Best I can tell I have NOT been NETWORKED MANAGED, yet at my location. Outstanding!! I will be ordering ANOTHER Hot Spot and service this week. PS I am right now using a ATT 8 year old hotspot.
    Thanks again, Robin Marshall

  4. doreen moore (verified owner)

    2 days no lag

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