Order Delivered!

Great News! Your order was marked delivered by the carrier. Here's a quick getting started guide to help you along...

We've made it simple to get started right away!

Once you open your delivery, follow the steps below to get connected to your new WiFi Network


We've done all the technical work for you, so you'll just need to attach antennas, and power cords from here on out.

If your device has antennas, please attach them and ensure they're hand-tight. 

Power ON

Gather your power cord, and plug it in! 

Router - Attach the US Adapter to the power brick, then plug into your outlet, and then the router. 

MiFi - Attach the USB cord to your wall adapter, then attach to the MiFi. 

Connect WiFi

Allow 2-3 minutes for your new device to fully start up. The WiFi Name and Password are located on the label affixed to the packaging. It's important that you not factory reset the device, as this will erase the configuration file. We're happy to change the name and password for you, just reach out to us via chat or support center, and we'll take care of it immediately!