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For the first 30 days of service, Travel Data provides an initial support term/warranty , which includes remote assistance, remote configuration, band locking, and more. If you have any trouble with your service, we can remotely diagnose your problem and provide a more efficient support experience. The same configuration is set on all routers (excluding admin, network passwords). This makes it very simple for our team of support agents to assist you, and provide expedient, efficient resolutions to your inquiries. By not providing a password immediately, Travel Data can ensure that our team can assist appropriately. You have purchased your router, and own it outright, and are entitled to control your own equipment. If you would like to void your inital 30 day support term/warranty (this will NOT void your 1 year manufacturer warranty), then Travel Data will provide you with an admin password to your device immediately upon request. Travel Data will no longer be able to provide you the same support, and a service fee may be required to assist you appropriately. 


If you want to maintain your initial 30 day support term, then we recommend contacting us on the 31st day for the password, as your support term would have expired. You will also know by this point if you plan on returning your equipment or not. Going forward, if support is needed, Travel Data will need to first ensure your device is properly configured. See below for additional information.

Travel Data assesses a $25 Service Fee to provide technical support on devices that have had their configurations modified. Travel Data will provide the original configuration file to your device remotely prior to being able to provide support. 


Modifying the configuration of your device may disconnect your service, or cause poor performance. 

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